2024 DMC DeLorean Aplha-5 EV

DeLorean Spotlight: The 2024 DMC DeLorean Alpha-5
Better late than never! The DMC-24 is finally here...
  • 0-60 MPH: 2.99 sec.
  • Twin Garrett turbochargers
  • Top Speed: 155 MPH
  • Range: 300+ miles
  • Battery: 100+ kWh
  • 20- and 21-inch turbine style wheels with Pirelli rubber
  • 2+2 configuration
  • Gullwing doors

    Here's our first glimpse at the next DeLorean, the DMC Alpha5 EV.
    This car is based on the DMC-24 sedan that was planned by JZD.
    The car that never happened is finally going to happen!


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